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Sunburst Over River

Category: Parenting is HARD

  • Come Out Swinging

    Come Out Swinging

    So here’s the thing- this season SUCKS!  In almost every way I hate it. Uncomfortable doesn’t even come close. It HURTS. ALOT. There is more life-long loss and change […]

  • A walk of missing limbs and broken hearts

    A walk of missing limbs and broken hearts

    Some of my readers know but many do not- our family suffered a great tragedy this last Saturday. My 6-year old had a run-in with our lawn mower […]

  • Broken Burdens, Superheroes, and My No Matter What God (part 8)

    Broken Burdens, Superheroes, and My No Matter What God (part 8)

    R is officially home (again) and I’m excited but weary. Yesterday was hard and ended poorly- mainly me just hitting the proverbial end of my patience with all […]

  • Grace Within the Trauma (part 7)

    Grace Within the Trauma (part 7)

    I haven’t posted a huge update in awhile. I apologize- with R coming home and the holidays hitting right at the same time it’s been a bit crazy […]

  • Cookie Dough From God (part 5)

    Cookie Dough From God (part 5)

    I had a hard day yesterday, a lot of spiritual attack and logistical meetings for all those previously mentioned balls I’m juggling. Nothing overtly bad happened, I think […]

  • Bridging The Gap (part 4)

    Bridging The Gap (part 4)

    foster parenting (verb): loving whomever is entrusted to you for however long they are entrusted: standing in the gap. risking the protection of one’s heart for the protection […]

  • In The Cleft (part 3)

    In The Cleft (part 3)

    I’ve been meditating a lot in these last few weeks about the power of God. As people have so graciously been checking on me and my family through […]

  • Meeting at the Door (part 2)

    Meeting at the Door (part 2)

    As I lay here early, watching the dark night turn gray with the morning I want to write about everything that’s happened in the last 12 hours. I’m […]

  • That First Night (part 1)

    That First Night (part 1)

    This is the first installment of a series of devos/blogs/posts that I made from the beginning of an extremely hard season for our family. It all started in […]

  • Mindset of Persistence

    Mindset of Persistence

    One of my greatest irritations is my kid’s inability to truthfully keep at things. The second something isn’t interesting anymore or doesn’t hold enough weight for them, they […]