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Sunburst Over River

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  • It’s In Your Head

    It’s In Your Head

    It’s In Your Head In a world teeming with violent images, harsh news, back-biting, gossip, visions of terror, war and fear-mongering it is no wonder that many Christians […]

  • Opening the Eyes of My Heart

    Opening the Eyes of My Heart

    As I’ve been preparing to write each Tuesday for Holy Beautiful on our MINDS, I was brought back to a passage out of Ephesians that holds special significance […]

  • Holy Beautiful Table (paperback) COMING FALL 2019

    Get Excited friends! This second book from the international ministry Holy Beautiful (that yours-truly also happens to write for!) is dropping soon! Keep an eye out on my […]

  • Fabulous Footwear

    Fabulous Footwear

    Lately my middle son is going through a shoe phase. Or I should say, a shoe LESS phase. Twice now we’ve loaded into the car, driven to our […]

  • A Change of Scenery

    A Change of Scenery

    I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately and my poor front bed has been begging for attention. It’s got several bushes that, although beautiful, were just planted […]

  • Playing Hide and Seek

    Playing Hide and Seek

    Lately my kids have been on a hide-and-seek kick. Generally from each other, though occasionally they just <love> to hide from me… especially when they’re playing and I’m […]

  • Jars of Clay

    Jars of Clay

    We took in a new foster this week who was in a horrific car crash last year. It’s taken almost 9 months to recoup but she finally came […]

  • You Are Loved

    You Are Loved

    I wanted to pause with you for just a moment today to tell you that I love you.We may have never met. We probably will never get the […]

  • For Those Who Ache

    For Those Who Ache

    For Those Who Ache I imagine you feel like damaged goods. Like what little was there to start with is now irrevocably tarnished. So much so that you’re […]

  • Pause and Ponder

    Pause and Ponder

    I wanted to catch a moment with just you, me, and a newborn baby this day. Just us. Together in a moment of time. There are probably children […]