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Sunburst Over River

Month: March 2018

  • Destination Unknown

    Destination Unknown

    If you are anything like me, you love a good plan. I am a sucker for a well thought-out, finely executed plan. Add in a worthwhile and attainable […]

  • In a World of a Thousand Yeses, What are You Saying No to?

    In a World of a Thousand Yeses, What are You Saying No to?

    If I were to take a quick look at your schedule what would I see? Basketball games, employee meetings, church, PTA meetings, bills due, doctors appointments? Our lives […]

  • The God Who Weeps

    The God Who Weeps

    For so many of us worry, anxiety, sorrow, and pain permeates our lives. If this discomfort does not push against us daily it still can filter through to […]

  • No Shadow in His Presence

    No Shadow in His Presence

    Have you ever contemplated what standing (or, let’s be honest…. falling to our faces) in the presence of the Lord would actually look like? Often I imagine the […]

  • Be Still!

    Be Still!

    Stop struggling. Be still. Quit wrestling. Be still. Do not panic. Be still. Cease looking for answers. Be still. Calm your mind. Be still. Quit trying to figure […]