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Sunburst Over River

Month: January 2019

  • Mind Your Soil

    Mind Your Soil

    Reading through Luke 8 today and the parable of the Sower I was struck anew by the visual of all the different kinds of ground that the seeds […]

  • Grinding It Out

    Grinding It Out

    I must admit, I’ve never been one to make New Years resolutions, and yet this year for some inexplicable reason I’ve made <several>. I’m happy to announce I’m […]

  • Dear One,

    Dear One,

    Dear one,You are a warrior princess. Daughter of the Most High. Adopted into the Creator’s family as honored, cherished, and chosen. Think like one who has the favor of Jehovah […]

  • Look Away

    Look Away

    Look Away As you walk today dear one do not linger by those who would ridicule you. I speak peace. Look away to Me. Do not open your […]

  • For Those Who Ache

    For Those Who Ache

    For Those Who Ache I imagine you feel like damaged goods. Like what little was there to start with is now irrevocably tarnished. So much so that you’re […]