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Sunburst Over River

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  • A walk of missing limbs and broken hearts

    A walk of missing limbs and broken hearts

    Some of my readers know but many do not- our family suffered a great tragedy this last Saturday. My 6-year old had a run-in with our lawn mower […]

  • Finding God In… FOSTERING

    Finding God In… FOSTERING

    Dear ones, we’re about half-way through this amazing series. I hope you have been greatly encouraged by the testimonies of those who have shared part of their stories […]

  • Going Number Two

    Going Number Two

    I’m excited to feature another writer today. My sister Alicia Costello has graciously written a wonderful blog for us to enjoy. Please check out her brand-new website too! […]

  • The Valentines Box Thing…

    The Valentines Box Thing…

    I recently posted a <small> diatribe about the current Valentine’s Day box situation… and it kind of exploded. What situation you ask? Well, THIS situation… My oldest is […]

  • 14 Verses to Overcome Mom Fear

    14 Verses to Overcome Mom Fear

    It is a pleasure to reblog a great post about overcoming fear. Abbey has wonderful advice and pulled some amazing scriptures out! She is giving away a copy […]

  • Losing What You Never Had

    Losing What You Never Had

    This summer at Camp Barnabas was chock-full of GodStuff, but none more pronounced than what God taught me through our daily devotionals. Camp did 4 days of devos […]

  • In Need of More ~ A guest post by Lindsey Gibson

    Frantically, I dig through my purse looking for lunch money I had forgotten to give. Impatiently I fuss,”Who put all of this in here?”  “Why can’t you remind […]

  • Ragged Around the Middle

    This last week has been hard. I mean HARD! No, nobody died, I didn’t lose any limbs, the house did not burn down, and all our pets and […]

  • Stinky Blanket Interventions and the Ultimate Laundromat

      Those of you with small children know that getting a chance to wash their blankies/bears/taggies/etc is the mom equivalent to a bank heist in the vein of […]

  • Like a Hand in a Glove- How to Avoid Being the Octopus

    I had to put gloves on my boys today when I sent them outside.  Easier said than done… Because with 3 and 4 year olds, getting them into […]