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Living Intentionally Fearlessly Truthfully!

In 2016 Bethany started LIFT! Ministries as offshoot of her inaugural book helicopter mom. She has a heart for helping others Live Intentionally Fearlessly and Truthfully. She would love to join you and your ministry in bringing all this GodStuff into your own mission. Contact Her today for further information.

So what does LIFT! really mean?

Are you Living? Like with a capital l living? not just a human being but a human doing? are you living life to the fullest measure that you were created to do?

Are you Intentional? Do you feel tossed about by the waves of life? In your daily life, your relationship, your walk with Jesus, your career, you own health? what plans and purposes are you mindfully making and fulfilling?

Are you Fearless? So many of us aren’t! (For those that may need some extra help in this area check out Helicopter Mom, where we’ll face fear head on and drive it into oblivion. It’s time to be FIERCE instead of fearful! #shamelessplug Go here to purchase!) how much of your life and decisions are made through the lens of fear instead of faith?

Are you Truthful? Are you honest with yourself? Your spouse, your family, your friends? Can you say you are living uprightly (righteously) before our Creator? how transparent are you? how vulnerable? the truth is often a hard pill to swallow but its a needed antidote to combat the enemy daily.

THIS is what LIFT! ministries is all about!

THIS is what Bethany is passionate about!

imparting realistic, meaningful, and worth into our christian walks. Unless you were able to answer all those questions with a resounding YES! then you’re in the right spot! I can’t either…. But, together, we can certainly muddle through this life God’s called us to. Side-by-side, sister’s and brother’s in Christ, warriors for Yahweh- called, anointed, entrusted, and passionately seeking Him together.

If You Would Like Bethany To Speak At Your Meetings Church, Conference, or other event, please Fill Out the form below. Bethany would love to partner with you!


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Stay Tuned for upcoming books…

Venture into knowing and naming the real Enemy with Lucifer’s Veil.

A loose follow-up to Helicopter Mom, Junk in the Truck will help anyone who needs to put down all their junk and learn to live freely…finally and forever.

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