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Sunburst Over River

Month: May 2019

  • A Change of Scenery

    A Change of Scenery

    I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately and my poor front bed has been begging for attention. It’s got several bushes that, although beautiful, were just planted […]

  • In His Time

    In His Time

    Lately I’ve had a string of days where nothing has come easily. Actually I think I’m going on more like a month. Having five kids, 3 of which […]

  • Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles- Guest Post

    Overcoming Bible Study Obstacles- Guest Post

    I had a fellow writer friend ask about posting her newest blog that helps with Bible study and I jumped at the opportunity. As much as I’d love […]

  • Playing Hide and Seek

    Playing Hide and Seek

    Lately my kids have been on a hide-and-seek kick. Generally from each other, though occasionally they just <love> to hide from me… especially when they’re playing and I’m […]