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Sunburst Over River

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  • Thankful when it’s Hard

    All things…. that’s a big statement for a year such as we’ve had. It means we can’t NOT be grateful for every single happening in our lives. Covid, […]

  • True Emmanuel (part 6)

    True Emmanuel (part 6)

    My thoughts about it all during last Christmas…. #reblog I love this time of year- Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday. The entire season pulses with joy, […]

  • Platform Dark

    Happy New Year! I pray great blessings, insight, encouragement, and strengthening for you in the coming year! I firmly believe that 2018 will be a banner year for […]

  • New Newsletter News!

    Hey friends! We’re back from camp, I’m exhausted but ready to hit this fall with renewed energy (once I sleep for like 4 straight days… oh wait, I’m […]

  • Helicopter Mom Book Launch GIVEAWAY- ENTER TODAY

    I am so pleased and blessed to bring Helicopter Mom to you this week! What an honor it has been for me to write this word and get […]

  • Are You Missing the Miracle?

    I’m in the middle of a series writing over Matthew 14 where Jesus feeds the crowd of 5000 with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. I […]

  • What are Your Loaves and Fishes?

    Part 1 of Are You Feeding the 5000? This is the first of a 3 part series written over Matthew 14: 13-21. Stay tuned for the second and […]

  • How Arriving Late Still Counts

    Last week I wrote about Anna’s creative new crawling style (check out How Doing It Badly Still Counts!), well my friends she’s officially “doing it well”! January 19, […]

  • Praying for Hulk- Why I Love When My Kids Pray for Their Superheroes

    This, my friends, is my 3-year old’s bedside table. It gives me hives just to look at it, and what little OCD I do have tends to go […]

  • How Doing It Badly Still Counts

    Our daughter Anna, who has Down syndrome, just turned one. Children with these designer genes tend to be delayed on their development- sometimes up to two or three […]