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Hey friends! We’re back from camp, I’m exhausted but ready to hit this fall with renewed energy (once I sleep for like 4 straight days… oh wait, I’m a mom…)
I cannot wait to write about all God taught me this summer. I hope your summer was full of lessons, blessings, and many wonderful memories.

As part of my return, I’ve committed to bringing more content and being intentional about building my tribe. I feel with all my heart that God has called me to write and speak more full-time, but that takes commitment and going outside my comfort zone and asking for your help. Being totally honest here, platform numbers (for better or worse) are fast becoming the most important thing publishers look at when deciding on representing an author. I’m not a huge fan of this concept, but as I like to say, “It is what it is…” I’d like to humbly ask for your support on my various social media and that you could spread the word to your friends as well. I don’t want to ask this for nothing in return however, so in addition to my blog, I’m starting a bi-weekly newsletter!

I promise I won’t spam your inbox, just 2 newsletters a month to encourage, humor, and challenge you. You’ll get updates on Helicopter Mom book signings and speaking events, as well as news about the new project I’m working on. Prayer lists for all my readers, devos, memory verses, and more await you! This will have exclusive content, giveaways, and information to my subscribers only! Get sneak-peaks of Junk in the Trunk (my newest book project!) too!

Sign up today for my email, pass the word along to your friends! I appreciate it SO much!

xoxo Bethany


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