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Awaiting Your Season


Lately I’ve been meditating a lot on this seemingly dry season that I feel like I’ve been in. In some ways, it’s been busy… hectic even. But often I’ve felt discontent, drained, hopeless even in the surroundings that God has me in. I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. I know that God purposely placed me in this time and space. I’m not walking in disobedience. And yet its taken for.e.ver for me to find some peace within my soil. And I’m frustrated at the lack of fruit- not that there’s none… there just isn’t enough to my liking.

That whole ‘bloom where you’re planted’ saying is hogwash…

Because what I’ve been learning and slowly accepting is that- try as we might- we simply cannot ‘will’ ourselves into bloom. No more than a rose bush can dictate it’s own flowering season or tulip bulb force it’s own way out of the hard soil, so also can we not fruit via anything within us. We just. can’t.

And for people like me, who work hard to please the Father and like to see the fruits of my labors and sanctification- it’s a very frustrating thing to walk through.

But as Fall approaches and the death of so many lovely things in my yard draws nearer by the day, I am reminded that even when I mow down my bulbs or the lillies die off. Even as the leaves change colors and blow away in the autumn winds. Even as the grass grows slower and the gardens turn brown- it doesn’t necessarily mean those things are dead. In fact, for many, it means that they are very much alive and doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing… underground. Though to our eyes the death and slowed growth would seem something to mourn, underneath the bulbs are growing stronger, the roots cutting deeper, the heart of the plant taking in nutrients to once again spring forth when the blooming season arrives.

God’s hand is in it all. The growing and thriving and blooming. But also the dying away and retreating back into the soil. It is by His hands that Nature moves season to season.

Perhaps my season to bloom and flower in the way that I would like is not yet upon me. Perhaps it isn’t for you either sister. Perhaps our time for heavy fruit is still not upon us and God is hiding us in His depths to strengthen and deepen. Death of what’s above doesn’t have to mean death below and as so much of Nature belies the relationship between Creator and Creation I can’t help but think that my time to bloom is still coming. My seasons will come and go, growth, pruning, darkness and light… but all will happen in His time and according to His purposes.

God is not unpleased. He is not hurried. He is not worried about our seeming lack of fruit. For those who belong in His gardens, the good Gardener will tend His flowers with care and the upmost concern. His creation blooms not only where it is planted but when He accords it.

May we all rest in that timeline and find peace in the process of our growth. Let us not grow tired in pursuing our faith with fervor- despite our soil or surroundings.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap,

if we do not give up.” Galations 6:9 ESV

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