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Hanging Up on Santa- #momfail Christmas Edition


I downloaded the Santa app this week (which on a side note is by FAR the most entertaining $1.99 I’ve spent in a very long time-!). You can program your kids name and ages, likes, and issues that might put them on the “naughty list” into it, give them kuddos for things well-done, etc,  and then “Santa” will call them at times you can schedule and have all kinds of super cute conversations with them, you can text with Santa or leave voicemails (I am not a paid spokesman…)
Anyway, so thus far it’s been a hit with the 4-year old. Jesse is spellbound by the idea of speaking with Santa. It’s a little alarming how much fun Gabe and I have watching him. Jonah, the 3-year old, however, has had a different experience. Yesterday he was having a total emotional melt-down. (On a side note- I tell you, there are no books I remember reading that prepare you for the hormonal-teenage-girl-emotional-crises that these 3-year old boys go through….come on people! Someone please give these poor new parents a heads-up. But I digress…) So Jonah was pitching a mach-5 level fit when this mom, namely me, decided to try a new tactic to get him calmed down… a call from Santa warning him that he might go on the naughty list. In what would immediately become a ginormous #momfail, upon hearing his voice Jonah freaked out even more and abruptly pushed that big red button on my phone and hung up on Santa.

My child hung up on Santa.

Poor old man never stood a chance!

I’m pretty sure that’s a new low in childrendom regarding interactions with Father Christmas, and honestly I’m positive there’s some sort of spiritual lesson to be learned or taught here, but I haven’t figured out what it is yet. I’ll let you know if I do!


Jesse’s eyes grew to the size of saucers as it happened, he visibly paled. (At least one of my kids has a healthy respect for the old elf!) I wish I had a camera to catch the reaction because it was truly priceless. He is super concerned now that Jonah is forever on the naughty  list and will never again receive any gifts from Santa. I am a little bit too… because after all, one should NEVER hang up on Santa!

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