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A Morning Psalm

Today wait with me on the threshold of your door. Before you take your first step outside, before the cares of the world, your schedule, your to-dos encumber your mind…

Look outside and take in the majesty that is the glory of our Savior’s creation. Look! Drink it in; this feast for the eyes. Does it not belie Adonai’s very nature?

Can you not hear the proclamation of His might in the whipping winds through the valleys? The sound of a trillion leaves and blades of grass whispering of His worth. The birds, insects, branches rustling- telling those who would listen of Christ’s love.

Praise the Lord.

Can you not see the banners of Yahweh caught high in the trees, changing color even as we watch into their hues of allegiance- red, orange, purple, yellow. Sparkling in the morning sun, dew radiates like diamonds off their angles- temporal crystals pointing towards a more heavenly diadem which sets on the head of He who sits at God’s right hand.

Praise the Lord!

Close your eyes and feel the breath of creation on your face. The earth inhaling and exhaling like the tides, sweet kisses and whispers around your face, playing with your hair. The Lord loves his bride so!

Take it all in. Celebrate with all of earth this mighty God we belong to- the divine appointment on us. Worship our Creator in spirit and in truth. Look to the east and the sun. Look towards the mountain where our Help comes from. Look to the fawn, the sparrow, the wildflower and share their singular reliance on their master. Let not your heart be troubled.

Enjoy this day- a new day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

Praise the Lord!!

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