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Praying God’s Names- Jehovah Jireh

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Jehovah JirehI Am your Provider

Provider for my soul, you see me from before creation & into eternity. Because you see, you know my need. You planned how to meet those needs and set them in place. They are available when I get to the place I need them. You provided Jesus, your Holy & Beloved Son, as the sacrificial atonement for my sin.

You supply, you give, you provide for my spirit by giving of yourself through your Holy Spirit. He lives in me. He enables me to know you; to see you. You give me cause to praise & worship you. You provide opportunities for service, enable me and show me the way to serve you.

You shower me with physical blessings. You provide my health, my home, my finances. You allow me use of your limitless resources. I have no worry for what tomorrow may bring. I can rely on you to provide for me each day. You provide for my future in this life & in the life to come.

You placed me with parents who loved me and helped me grow. You gave me a husband & family. You give me friends for social contact. In these ways, You provide for my emotional needs.

From before time to the end of time, you see, know & provide for every facet of my life.

You provide love, forgiveness and comfort. You alone in all of heaven and earth can completely provide for every aspect of me.

You are the great God. You are my Jehovah Jireh.

By Karen Guthrie November 4, 2008

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