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Praying God’s Names- EL SHADDAI

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EL SHADDAI – Almighty GodThe All Sufficient One

“Hallelujah! For Our Lord God Almighty Reigns” – Rev. 19:6

Your power comes not from violence, but from all bountifulness. You pour yourself out for me; you pour out blessings on me. You gave your son for me. You give yourself, your very nature, to me. You breathe life to me.

I abide (rest) in you, and you abide (dwell) in me. You mould me to your pleasure that I may be used to bless others. I give up all of me that I may be full of you. Your power is demonstrated in my weakness and I say with Paul, “When I am weak, then am I strong”.

You restore my soul. You are my delight. I stand in awe of you. You are holy & righteous; your judgments are pure & just. You do no wrong; there is no evil in you

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come!” – Rev. 4:8.

Before anything was, you are. You hear me when I seek you. You are my understanding. You are my wisdom. You answer my prayers according to the motives of my heart.

You discern & know my heart’s cry. You are the unconditional lover of my soul. Your name is above every name. You, El Shaddai, are all I need. You, El Shaddai, are my All Sufficient One.

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