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Praying God’s Names- EL ROI

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El Roi watches over His word to see that it is fulfilled: His word that created the universe including mankind; including me.El Roi saw me in my mother’s womb. He saw me come to Jesus as a child. He saw me thru the teenage years when I didn’t follow Him. He watched me become a woman, a wife, a mother and a grandmother. El Roi watched over me as we moved away from family and friends and began life in a new place. El Roi sees my children and grandchildren. He watches over them, cares for them, and loves them as they grow. He knows their hearts. El Roi is with my husband as he drives across the nation. He is aware of all the dangers and troubles he faces. He also sees my dear one as he learns, praises and worships in the solitude of his big truck. El Roi watches me as I live my married life. He sees me as I come and go – wherever I go. He sees the desires of my heart. He sees behind the masks I wear in public. He sees the hurts, the wants and the needs of me, His child. He sees the large things and the small things. He sees me as I am. He sees me as I hope to become. He sees me as He knows I am capable of becoming. El Roi sees when I do wrong and when I do right. He sees me through the Blood of Jesus that covers me. He sees me when I please Him and when I fail Him. He sees how I show Him to others. He sees how I react to the ones around me. El Roi – the God who sees – sees what I can’t. He sees the hearts of others; their hurts, their needs, their motives.

As I come to know you, Father as El Roi, give me your eyes that I might see. Let me see what I am missing. Let me see me as you see me. Let me see others as you see them. Let me see You.

Karen Guthrie September 2008

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