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Praying God’s Names- EL ELYON

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EL ELYON, God Most High The Sovereign God

Controller of the universe, all things exist by your will. You know my future. You have a plan for me. You know my adversary and do not allow him free reign. You hedge me in and offer protection. By your will the history of my life – indeed, the entire world – unfolds before you. You give me the choice to follow you. You will not force your will on me, But allow me to choose to seek you. When I do, I give you joy. You control all the circumstances of my life – both good & bad – and use them to fulfill your will and purpose in my life. Your purpose for my life is to love, honor and praise you. I look forward to eternity with you when I may perfectly worship you. I call you by name, God Most High; you fulfill your purpose for me. You accomplish all things for me. You are my El Elyon, my Sovereign God.

By Karen Guthrie September 24, 2008

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