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Praying God’s Names- ELOHIM

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To God and Father as ELOHIM

You are wonderful, Father. Your power and might brought the universe into existence. You created the huge vastness of space. You caused the microscopic molecules of the air. You made man, male & female, in your image. You love diversity – in the world, in nature, in people & personalities. You love your creation. You, Oh God, my Elohim, planned each detail of the world before you placed Adam in the garden. You provide all we need to be born and to live on this earth.

You knew me before I was born. You thought about who would be the right parents for me. You, only you, gave me life. You planted me in my mother’s womb. You nurtured me as I grew into a woman. You alone caused me to look as I do, think as I do, feel as I do. You had a plan and a purpose for me before you made the world. You made me to be your child.

You gave your Son for me – even before I lived. You called me to new life in you. You gifted me with your Holy Spirit. You grew my faith. You alone are worthy of my praise. You alone receive my honor. You alone deserve my devotion.

Continue, day be day, moment by moment, to breathe your Spirit on me

that I may worship & adore you, praise & honor you, obey & serve you, love you.

By Karen Guthrie September 15, 2008

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