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Praying God’s Names Series

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I’m super excited to offer you all a new series by a dear sister-in-Christ of ours, Karen Guthrie. She wrote these almost a decade ago while going through Kay Arthur’s book, Lord I Want to Know You, which is a study in the names of God. Having recently completed the book  myself, I can attest this book is amazing and these prayers that Karen is allowing me to share with you are powerful. Please join me every Monday, starting in June, for the next few months as we approach the throne and beseech the Living God through the many facets of His might character. You won’t want to miss this! If you really want to press in, I challenge you to buy the book and go through the names of God yourself as we go through this series. Write down your own prayers to Adonai, El Shaddai, Yahweh, El Elyon, and more.

Below is her introduction letter to you all, please enjoy!


Dear Study Partner,

This collection of prayers began from the second chapter of the book, “Lord, I Want to Know You” by Kay Arthur. On page 11, she suggested that we write a prayer of worship to our creator, that we sing praise to our God and Father as Elohim. Our dear sister, Kathy Maberry, saw my prayer and asked me to share with the class.

Each week the Lord gave me the words to express what I learned from the study during that week. Your encouraging words led me to share the feelings that I had written.

I thank you for your quiet listening, encouraging words and thanksgiving expressed each time I shared with you. I am humbled by your kindness toward me and I pass the praise on to my God who gave me the words and the opportunity.

I pray that I am within the Lord’s will in writing these and in sharing them with you. May they bless you as you read them. And, may you write your own prayers to our God. Prayers of praise and worship that come from your heart are, I know, dear to the Lord.

Thank you, again, for loving God by loving me. God bless you.

Karen Guthrie January, 2008

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