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Out of Season- When God’s Plan Seems Untimely

For those who live in southwest Missouri, we get to enjoy truly all four seasons of the year… sometimes in one day. I kid you not, this weather in this part of the country is downright bipolar at times. Case in point, we have a frost warning overnight two night ago and the highs today are mid-70s. It’s kind of a thing around these parts.
We’ve had a super warm winter this year, and all our bulbs and flowering trees sprouted early.  It’s a welcome sign of Spring and refreshment for those of us yearning for warmer days… though such early sprouting always runs the risk of the late (or in this case, completely normal) freezes. Several weeks ago my family and I were out enjoying all the new flowers, during which we ran into a minor snowstorm. It snowed more in two hours that I think it had all winter long.  It was beautiful to see the juxtaposition of the snow over the flowers- and striking because we don’t see the clash of seasons like this very often.snow on flowers by davcer d8eellx Bethany L Douglas - Author Mother, Flight nurse

The beauty of the visual is in the unique and rare privilege it is to witness

something that occurs ‘out of season’.

The picture is nothing short of miraculous and carries a certain sense of

supernatural touch with it.

Lately I’ve felt quite out of season. God has me planted in a very odd place at a very odd time in my personal life and professional career. In my limited capacity, it makes no sense. And yet I know without a doubt that I’m being obedient. In fact, the doors that He’s had me walk through have been slowly coming, bit by bit, for going on two years now. He even gave the extra grace to spur my spirit very early on that these changes would be happening. So it is not a surprise… and yet the timing is still utterly confounding.

Because as m46654566 first snow on the flowers in a garden 1 Bethany L Douglas - Author Mother, Flight nurseany of you know, I have a book launching this month. It’s called Helicopter Mom and draws a lot on my experience and stories as a flight nurse. And because yesterday I gave my notice for that very job and will no longer be a flight nurse… God’s moving me into another nursing position.

It’s quite probable that the day my book about flight nursing launches,

my career as a flight nurse will come to it’s appointed end.

Yes, I am very, VERY out of season right now.


The timing of this massive life-trajectory change seems so inconvenient. On paper it’s terrible… makes for interesting media questions when asked “how is the flying going”… and yet God could not have been more clear that this is the direction He wants me traveling- away from flying, firmly back on the ground. It was a bittersweet decision and one that I did not make lightly. There is a ton that doesn’t make any sense about it, especially at this particular time, but God could not have opened more doors more fully than He did. Being obedient was easy because He made the path so clear… even when the instructions were a bit on the “whaaaat?!?” side of things.

I’d like to think that the snow we had was sent just for me as a reminder of His sovereignty. The flowers don’t question when and where to grow, they just obey their instructions. The snow doesn’t argue with God that it’s too late in the season to fall, it just obeys His command. All of creation, nature, the weather, the seasons… they grow and thrive, come and go… at His command. Without questions, without raised eyebrows of the timing, without arguing that something is ‘out of season’ or makes no sense. As a result, a rare and beautiful clash of seasons occurs- one that stops people in their tracks to enjoy the scenery and marvel at the supernatural hand that brought together such unlikely events.

Today I want to encourage you dear ones, for those of you who may be feeling like you’ve been planted in a bizarre or untimely season. Search your path, if you know you’re walking in obedience then take heart that God is using this unique planting for something greater… something more beautiful… something striking that the world will stop and take note of.

Despite this crazy, out-of-season planting… I pray my life stops people in their tracks to marvel at God’s supernatural hand.

crocus Bethany L Douglas - Author Mother, Flight nurse

God’s timing is always perfect!

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  1. Melissa Schlies Avatar

    His timing is so perfect! But how often it looks different than what we expect or want. Thanks for this encouraging post and good luck with this transition!

    1. Avatar

      Thank you, it’s an interesting time in the Douglas household right now for sure. I appreciate your prayers!

  2. Heather Bock Avatar

    Wow–big change for you! Your book will still be so relevant, though. You might not be doing it anymore, but you DID, and you know what you’re talking about. I’m glad God is walking you through all of this, as of course, He would.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you for the encouragement! He has been so faithful to walk us through this strange and wonderful season. We are blessed (even if we don’t see the reasoning behind anything is!)

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