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How this election changed my posture


It occurred to me tonight that I am extremely GRATEFUL for this election. Sure, I’m tired (read… exhausted and totally OVER) the political ads and mailers and robocalls. I’m sickened by the moral decay running rampant throughout our country- only to be highlighted, criticized, celebrated, and generally completely turned on it’s head (for better or worse). I am WAY beyond ready for the votes to be counted and this thing to be over.
BUT- more than all of that, I’m thankful for the crazy and difficult choices that have been put before me. I’m humbled by the hard choices that have to be taken.
Because it has all brought me totally and completely to my knees in prayer.

A lot and often.

prayer Bethany L Douglas - Author Mother, Flight nurse

This is now the fifth presidential election I’ve had the honor and privilege to vote in. The first one I voted absentee while in South Africa-

I’ve not missed one since.
I’ve not really prayed over one either.

Until now.

I’m ashamed and convicted I didn’t pray more in the past. I should have and didn’t. When my decisions came ‘easy’ or were obvious, there was no angst, no uncertainty— no prayer.

It’s inexcusable and I’m very sorry.

But as I said all that changed with this election cycle.

It’s perfect timing that this month is our time of Thanksgiving- because my heart is so very full of thanks. For there is no better place to seek wisdom than at the feet of God- especially when decisions are hard and the way is unclear.

And through these months I’ve found myself praying less over WHO wins or WHO I should vote for, and much more about the HEART of those who will be taking office. After all, few would argue we don’t need a healthy dose of God in our nation’s politics and with our leaders.

So as I say often, regardless of what happens today, make it count Lord; and thank you for bringing me so often to my knees. May the habit continue well after the ballots are in and the votes are counted. May I not grow weary in praying over our leadership; in election season and out of it as well.

My posture has changed, I pray that yours will as well!



How has this election changed you spiritually? What have you learned? What has God whispered to your heart? Comment below!


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