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Words Not Required


Did you know that in first-world countries, studies have shown that the abortion rates for pre-natally-diagnosed Down syndrome babies runs anywhere from 50-90%? These babies are killed just because of the diagnosis! (More on that here.)
It’s an astonishing number.

It’s a devastating number.

The most recent data collected in 2015 estimated that at best, the population of Ds have been decreased by 30% due to abortion- the number would be higher if the actual numbers for abortion due to a Ds diagnosis were absolutely known.


But this blog isn’t going to be about death. I want it to be about life.

October is Down syndrome awareness month and I’ve dedicated my Monday blog posts to all things Ds or Trisomy 21 as it’s officially called. This particular population of people have always held a special place in my heart having worked with them extensively through Camp Barnabas and as a special program director through Arc of the Ozarks back in my early 20s. But it took on a new meaning for me when we welcomed our daughter, Anna, into our family this last January. She was a surprise baby with Downs and our life couldn’t be fuller with her around. She is a special angel I believe God sent directly to our little family.

image 1 225x300 1 Bethany L Douglas - Author Mother, Flight nurseBut not all of these angels are so lucky. Many do not make it to delivery; and for as alarming as the numbers above are… the numbers for aborted babies with Ds in other countries is even more so.

But this post is about life- so let me tell you a story about life.

My in-laws are currently in South Korea teaching ESL and Heidi called us the other day to relate a heart-wrenching occurrence that happened to her. In Korea, though not officially a one-child society, they take great pains to produce what is considered the perfect child. According to Heidi, everyone gets extensive pre-natal testing performed and the abortion rate for ANY kind of abnormality is near 100%. It’s not a religious or moral thing there, it’s not considered murder, it’s simply cultural way of life for them. From what I understand, the government doesn’t officially sanction abortion, it just simply turns a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of abortions the hospitals and doctors perform each year. No questions asked. Heidi explained there is a huge education gap and experience gap within this culture with all kinds of disabilities, Down syndrome none the least. You simply don’t see anyone with it. They are kept hidden, locked up, and the general public is somewhat fearful of them. Those who do slip through the ‘cracks’ of the testing are shunned. There is an assumption that this population is in pain, they suffer, are unhappy, and unable to contribute to society.

But back to my story- Heidi had met up with one of her students one day who was confessing that she and her husband had bad news. They were pregnant and had just received the results that their baby would have Trisomy 21. They were devastated and had made preparations for the abortion in a few weeks. She spoke with high hopes for the next child, that maybe that one would be better. Heidi had a decision. What to do? Knowing that the education gag is immense, she did all she could think to do. Explaining that she has a niece with Down syndrome, she whipped out her phone, and opened Facebook (because, you know, who wouldn’t have the presence of mind to do that during such a heavy conversation?!?)

Heidi showed this lady pictures of Anna. Picture after picture after picture. Pictures of her smiling, laughing, being held, being loved, being celebrated. This woman saw, for the first time in her life, a child with Down syndrome being included, loved on, taken care of, and cherished. By everyone. Picture after picture with literally hundreds of people. (Anna has no shortage of fans and pictures all over the internet…) No one seemed scared of her, no one looked uncomfortable, no one shunned her. Young and old people, men and women, other disabled friends, people in all walks of life were pictured celebrating her existence. She saw pictures of Anna happy, content, interactive, healthy, and most certainly (even at her young age) giving just as much love back as she receives.

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What Heidi perhaps could not bridge in educational facts and figures, Anna did by just being Anna. No words required.

The lady broke into tears midway through and kept repeating, “She just looks so happy. She is healthy! Everyone loves her.” And slowly her realization of the precious life inside began to take shape.

Heidi left the conversation, not having tried to talk her out of ending the baby’s life, or re-educating a dulled cultural vision. She simply told her she’d be praying for wisdom for them. She simply did what she could to show what a life with Ds can be- that these precious souls are worthy of life and are worthy of living. No words required.

It is no surprise that my heart aches for those babies whose lives are taken from them for a diagnosis that is not well-understood or accepted. In America, in Korea… anywhere. God’s heart aches as well. It must bleed endlessly for the little lives He’s takes back to be with Him in heaven too soon. But He is at work as well.

God doesn’t need words, He doesn’t need us to have all the answers. He just needs us to be open to let Him do His work through us.

Maybe through Facebook. Maybe through blogs. Maybe through pictures.

Words not required. Anna sure doesn’t use them yet! He’ll get it done still.

And by the way, the couple came back a few weeks later and told Heidi that they changed their mind. They’re keeping the baby.



Thank you for taking the time to read my heart today. Please comment below with thoughts and ruminations of how this story of life affected you today- and stay tuned for part 4 (the last in the series <sad face>) coming to a blog near you!

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  1. Andi Avatar

    What an incredible story! One little life. It reminds me of the verse that says “…and a little child will lead them.”

  2. Sandra Avatar

    What a great story!! I’m so happy another wonderful baby will get to be born ❤️

  3. Cyndy Lee Avatar
    Cyndy Lee

    No words are required…on several of my mission trips I noticed NO children or adults with special needs. So on the last few trips I have personally sought them out. When they are finally brought to me (because they are hidden or kept separate) and I pick them up and love on them, then I get question after question from everyone around. Those children/adults did not speak to me, I usually speak to them just to acknowledge them as a person, then love on them…Showing love and compassion transcends any lauguage barrier because no words are required…

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